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Life Liberty Happiness



Vote August 9 

Standing Up to Protect the Wisconsin


I  have taken the commitment to provide resources to the younger generation, so that they may live the Wisconsin Dream. I want to understand the activities of our government and pledge to live in a state without fear.

Meet Peter Schmidt

I am a dairy farmer, who supports the 2nd amendment, law enforcement, and election integrity. My aim is to rediscover one of the founding principles that have served us so well for so long; a free society. Join me in the fight.


My Mission

My mission is to incorporate life, liberty, and happiness in Wisconsin. I believe in treating everyone with dignity and prioritizing individual response over the bigger government. 

peter standing with a cows in an farm

No More Economic Shutdowns

 I have understood through my interaction that the people do not want any health mandates, nor do they support economic shutdowns. I will fight for the people and make the government focus on our issues.

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Representing the People

  I commit to raising social issues like education, economy, and healthcare to better our state’s future generation.